In a move to make its patients' journey to wellness after leaving the hospital easier, Opelousas General Health System announced it will open an outpatient pharmacy early next year.

Andrew Brickley, vice president of business development at Opelousas General Health System, said the idea to open a pharmacy came from a desire to make their patients' lives more convenient and allow them to focus on recovery. The pharmacy will be located at the hospital, 539 E. Prudhomme St. 

"It can be a bit of a drag after the doctor has seen you to then have to wait in line for your medication," he said. "It can sometimes be a lengthy process. We think this is both a quality of life and a convenience issue that you can just get your medication before you leave. We're very excited to be able to provide this to our patients and the community of Opelousas."

Patients can opt out and remain with their local pharmacy, Brickley said, or just have their first prescription from the outpatient pharmacy before returning to their pharmacy of choice.

Hospital staff is gathering the clinical team to staff the pharmacy. If the volume of demand is high enough, Brickley said they will hiring more people.

"We want this to be the best program possible when we roll it out, so were making sure everything's in line first," Brickley said. "We have to get everyone mapped out for this so it can be the best possible for patients. When we feel like we have the process down to what we want it to be, we'll make an official announcement that the program is live."

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