Clay Higgins

Clay Higgins

Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins announced Friday he has introduced a bill aimed at making it illegal to mandate employees undertake any medical procedure, including vaccination.

The Employee Rights and Freedom Act, HIggins said in a Facebook post, would make it illegal for any employer to mandate an employee undertake any medical procedure, including a vaccine.

It seeks to exempt those employees from any mandates or requirement from such procedures because of those employee's "firmly held beliefs" and would require employers to make accommodations to those employees to continue performing their essential functions.

The bill would also allow employees to seek civil action against an employers if the said employee "is aggrieved by a violation" and accommodations are not met.

“Every American who wants a vaccine should receive it. However, the decision to get vaccinated or not is a personal and private medical decision. This bill is about individual rights. I support individual freedoms, and I certainly stand against oppression. Neither government nor private employers have the right to mandate medical procedures. We’re drawing the line here. We, the People, will not be herded like sheep into medical procedures against our will," Higgins said.

The bill comes after President Joe Biden announced sweeping new pandemic requirements aimed at boosting vaccination rates for millions of federal workers and contractors.

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Higgins is a Republican who represents the 3rd Congressional District of Louisiana and a Donald Trump loyalist.

He confirmed on social media Sunday that he, his wife and son are sick with COVID-19.

On Sunday, Higgins wrote on his Facebook page that he and his wife, Becca, had COVID in January 2020. This round, he wrote, his son also is sick and the battle "is far more challenging."

Higgins referred to virus that causes COVID-19 as "the CCP biological attack weaponized virus," repeating an unsubstantiated Trump allegation that the virus was created by China and possibly released on purpose.

Louisiana's Congressional delegation has experienced the effects of COVID-19. Congressman-elect Luke Letlow died of COVID-19 complications in December 2020, days before taking office to represent the state's 5th District. He was 41.

Letlow's wife, Julia Letlow, was elected to his seat in March.