Graduates head to their seats during the South Louisiana Community College graduation ceremony Thursday, May 9, 2019, at the Cajundome Convention Center in Lafayette, La.

South Louisiana Community College has confirmed that it will offer some face-to-face instruction in the fall, with department heads reserving at least 20 percent of their class offerings for such in-person instruction.

Darcee Bex, interim vice chancellor of academic and student affairs, said summer and fall registration is continuing at SLCC and will continue until the first week of classes. Priority registration for current students was offered at mid-month, and she said that while many students prefer face-to-face instruction, others have become adept with other ways of accessing courses.

“In the beginning, online and hybrid were traumatic,” she said. “In the past year, it has become more comfortable for students and teachers. They’ve just gotten more comfortable with themselves. They know how to upload assignments and can do more that is required in remote learning.”

She said the definition of face-to-face instruction, which was generally accepted as involving students and teachers in the classroom, has broadened for many students to include classes on Webex, in which they can watch their teachers lecturing or lecturing in a classroom.

"That’s what they mean by face-to-face.”

She said department heads have allocated about 20 percent of their classes for face-to-face instruction. For example, she said if there are 20 sections of a math class, four will be held face to face.

She said while some students favor remote instruction, it’s not necessarily because of caution about COVID-19. They can make higher education better suit their needs. For example, if they have children at home, remote instruction can be less burdensome.

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“They still have structure, but more options to balance things at home,” she said.

Classes in these programs will offer some face-to-face sections this fall: business, criminal justice, general studies, digital media and Louisiana transfer.

These class format definitions have been created for the fall semester. Students should reference these definitions when selecting a class section.

  • Face-to-Face courses (LEC, LAB, LEC/LAB) — Students come to campus and sit in the room with an instructor and classmates. Students should register for the lecture and lab course type.
  • Hybrid (HYB or HYD) — Students come to campus on some days, then meet with their instructor the other days on Webex. Students should register for the HYB or HYD course type.
  • HySync (Has “S” next to the course title) — This option is for students who don't want to come to campus, but would like to meet with their instructor each class period on Webex. Students should register for the HySync course type.
  • Online (Web) — This option is for students who don't want to come to campus. They want to complete classwork online without having to login at a specific class time. Students should register for the online/Web course type.

Bex said faculty members are on board with the offerings. Certain disciplines, she said, lend themselves to different modes of delivery. Fox example, math is more easily taught and learned in person, she suggested, while English and psychology might be better offered remotely.

She said the new ways to offer classes represent a trend, that higher education will probably not go back to simply offering most courses face to face but will continue to offer other options.

She said SLCC will provide additional training for the faculty to offer their courses by a variety of methods.

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