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Former St. Martinville police officer Codi Dodge

A former St. Martinville police officer facing federal criminal charges is accused of physically assaulting two people and then working to cover his tracks by filing false police reports, destroying evidence and trying to convince his fellow officers to help with the obstruction effort, according to an indictment unsealed on Tuesday.

The seven-count indictment against Codi Dodge, 34, centers around the separate arrests of two people in 2016.

Dodge faces two counts of deprivation of rights for allegedly assaulting those two people. In one incident, he's accused of kicking someone in the face. In the second, he's accused of illegally entering someone's home without probable cause and physically assaulting them before making the arrest — an incident already chronicled in a federal lawsuit Dodge settled earlier this year.

He also faces a count of conspiracy to tamper with a witness and make false reports, accused of coordinating with fellow officers to lie to any investigator inquiring about the incidents — including by urging officers to submit false reports into the case files for those two arrests.

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