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St. Martinville Mayor Thomas Nelson, left, seen here on Sept. 13, 2016, as he examines some of the items donated by athletes from Coastal Carolina for flood victims for the United Way of Acadiana in St. Martinville, La. 

A state judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit St. Martinville Mayor Thomas Nelson filed against one of his constituents for comments she made to The Washington Post.

The constituent, Espinola Quinn, was quoted in a Washington Post news story, which was posted in June, examining rural Americans’ views of race.

The lawsuit notes this quote from the news story: "Quinn felt Nelson's decision to shut down the parade pandered to white voters: 'He promised the whites he was going to shut the n***** parade down if they voted for him.'"

A few weeks after the story was published, Nelson sued Quinn, accusing her of slander.

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