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MARCH 2015

Bruce Tims, 25, was killed outside the Last Call Bar & Grill on Bourbon Street on March 21, 2015. A fight broke out between Bruce Tims and Brandon Guidry. Guidry pepper-sprayed Tims before the altercation was broken up by bystanders. Guidry returned to the bar an hour later and shot Tims.

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A contract lineman is in stable condition after being electrocuted in Abbeville on Tuesday morning.

Abbeville Mayor Mark Piazza said the contractor was hired as part of a crew from Lecompte, Louisiana, to repair five damaged electrical poles near the Pete Noel Substation on Ollie Drive behind Abbeville High. The four-man crew was wrapping up the job when the incident happened, he said.

Piazza said the lineman was shocked around 11 a.m. Tuesday when the bucket he was in brushed a live wire. The contractor suffered severe flash burns from the contact, but thankfully the bucket absorbed the brunt of the electrical surge, he said.

“He was burned very badly,” Piazza said. “It was a very serious situation.”

The contractor was airlifted to a burn center in Baton Rouge and was in stable condition as of approximately 2 p.m. when the city last received an update on his condition, the mayor said.

The accident knocked out power to the entire city from about 10 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., Piazza said. Several public schools in the city closed early because of the black out.

Piazza said the city has suffered from intermittent outages over the past several weeks. City officials theorize Hurricane Barry caused the damage to the poles and could be responsible for the lingering electrical issues, but they don’t have a definitive answer about the damage or outages, he said.

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