The man Duson police say is responsible for a married couple's heroin overdose is facing multiple drug charges.

John Lofton Jr., age and address unavailable, is accused of giving the couple heroin laced with rat poison and other substances, Duson Police Chief Kip Judice said.

The couple was taken to a hospital Sunday night and later released. Police are trying to find out where Lofton got the drugs.

Duson police were called Sunday to a Toby Mouton Road home, where the woman had overdosed on heroin and was lying unresponsive in the front yard, Judice said.

After nearly 20 minutes of trying to revive the woman, paramedics injected Narcan, an emergency antidote for opioid overdose, into her body, Judice said.

"It had an obvious effect on her," he said. "Bringing her back to perfectly normal responsive person. Narcan will only work to reverse the effect of opioids."

When police arrived at her home to inform her husband, they discovered him screaming in distress. The woman's husband overdosed on the same batch of heroin, which was tainted by other substances, Judice said.

"Two completely different reactions but both obviously deadly," Judice said. "He appeared to be struggling for breath and in some type of pain. The heroin itself isn't causing this problem. It's the rat poison and Fentanyl, which is a very deadly drug that they're adding to cut this. To get more bang for their buck and sell it. "

The woman's husband was booked with carrying a concealed weapon by a convicted felon. While on the ground during his overdose, he was in possession of a pistol, Judice said.

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