LAFAYETTE — An official at St. Thomas More High School said vandalism to the school’s football field last week will not interfere with today’s game against Central of Baton Rouge.

Someone spray-painted the field, tracks and sidelines and poured an unknown flammable substance on portions of the school’s football field, said Cpl. Paul Mouton, spokesman for Lafayette Police.

Athletic Director Kim Broussard said the flammable liquid was ignited and burned portions of the turf.

“You could tell someone just walked basically from the 50 yard line to about the 10 yard line,” Broussard said. “It was like they poured the liquid as they were walking down.”

Last week’s game against Sulphur High was held at Cajun Field to allow officials to send samples of the substance to a lab in Texas, Broussard said.

The tests came back negative for toxins this week, although the lab could not determine what the accelerant was, Broussard said.

Broussard said the field was not badly damaged although replacing sections that were damaged could cost upward of $100,000.

The school was also able to scrub off the graffiti, Broussard said.

Mouton said the spray-painting included the words “Thug 4 Eva”, “RIP” and “Ziggy.”

This incident is Lafayette Crime Stoppers’ “Crime of the Week.” Anyone with information is asked to call (337) 234-TIPS.