A Lafayette Parish grand jury has again indicted suspended Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope.

This indictment accuses him of 17 counts of felony malfeasance in office, all related to money he took from his office. The indictment supercedes, or replaces, a September indictment accusing him of seven counts of malfeasance for taking money that didn’t belong to him.

He’s accused of supplementing his income with $84,742.30 in fees collected by his office, despite an Attorney General’s opinion saying the money could only be used for office expenses.

The new indictment adds 10 counts to the original seven; the alleged crimes occurred starting in January 2018 and ending in October 2018.

Pope was convicted in October on one count of perjury and three counts of malfeasance in office, stemming from a public records dispute with The Independent.

Lafayette marshal convicted on four counts from campaign, acquitted of three others

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