Closing time at Cowboy’s bar early Friday was a busy time for Scott patrol officers.

Police Chief Chad Leger said his officers were in the bar’s parking lot after 2 a.m. and arrested one man for not leaving after five warnings, then they had to stop a fight between two bar patrons, one of whom wielded a baseball bat.

An officer took the bat away from Brandon Sonnier, 20, of Scott, who was later booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center on one count of resisting an officer, Leger said in a news release.

Cowboy’s management also banned Sonnier permanently from drinking in the bar, Leger said.

“Once advised of Cowboy’s managers’ wishes, Mr. Sonnier became belligerent and irate, resisting the escorting officers physically, and was dealt with accordingly,” Leger said.

Police also arrested Jarrod K. Hunt, 21, also of Scott, who they say disobeyed five orders to leave the bar parking lot.

“During apprehension, Mr. Hunt resisted the officers physically and was dealt with accordingly,” Leger said.

Hunt was booked into the Correctional Center on counts of remaining on premises after being forbidden and resisting an officer, according to the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office.