St. Mary Parish authorities this week arrested a 64-year-old man and seized 53 marijuana plants from his personal growing operation, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies investigating a separate complaint at the home of Charles Adams Jr., of 1291 Prairie Road Circle, on Sunday night “smelled the strong odor of raw marijuana” from his shed and on his person, according to a news release. Inside the shed, investigators found 53 live marijuana plans, lights, fans and drying racks along with loose marijuana and plant clippings in another room near the shed, the release stated.

Deputies also found inside Adams’ home other containers of marijuana, a handgun and $800 in cash, along with drug paraphernalia like a scale, pipes, small plastic bags and rolling papers, the release stated.

All of the marijuana is worth about $30,000 street value, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Adams was booked on counts of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, drug paraphernalia possession, marijuana cultivation, possession of a firearm in the presence of a controlled dangerous substance and transactions involving proceeds from drug offenses.

He posted a $23,000 bond on Tuesday and was released from the St. Mary Parish jail.