A Lafayette man was arrested Monday in the 2018 slaying of 16-year-old Chazton Guidry, two days after the one-year anniversary of the Abbeville teenager’s death.

Aaron Lance Joseph Carter, 24, was arrested and booked into the Lafayette Parish Jail overnight Monday. Carter was placed on hold for a second-degree murder count for the Abbeville Police Department and his bond was set at $750,000, according to a release from Abbeville Police spokesman Lt. Jonathan Touchet.

Carter was also booked on five bench warrants out of Lafayette, including two counts of simple battery, battery of a correctional facility officer, simple criminal damage to property less than $1,000 and resisting arrest, according to a booking officer.

Abbeville Police did not release Guidry's name because of his status as a juvenile, but Guidry’s mother Denise Levine confirmed Carter was arrested in her son’s homicide.

Guidry was shot and killed May 11, 2018. He was found in a vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds near the intersection of Bailey and Clover streets in Abbeville and taken to a local hospital, where he died.

Levine and about 50 other mothers, family members and community residents gathered Saturday at St. Mary Congregational Church in Abbeville to raise awareness about unsolved homicides in the community and call on residents and the police to do more to solve the killings.

Levine spoke about her son and called on the gathered mothers to continue advocating for justice for their children.

“We have to be our kids’ voice. Nobody else will,” Levine said Saturday.

Levine was joined by roughly a dozen family members and friends wearing T-shirts featuring a photo of the slain teenager to honor him. In the photo, Guidry is wearing a memorial T-shirt for his friend Dylan Plowden, a 14-year-old Abbeville boy who was shot and killed in December 2017.

Guidry’s aunt Vera Shelvin was one of the attendees Saturday and spoke for her nephew. Shelvin stood beside portraits of 10 victims of unsolved homicides in Abbeville and told the gathered crowd their violent deaths were unwarranted.

“They all made choices and bad decisions, and I’ll be the first to say Chazton did that. I’ll be the first to say that Chazton talked back, that Chazton’s mother bent over backwards to give him everything that he wanted,” Shelvin said. “But Chazton, and nobody else in these pictures, deserved to be murdered by anyone.”

Aaron Carter’s criminal record in Lafayette stretches back to October 2012 after an incident at Northside High School. He pleaded guilty as charged to interference to resisting arrest and interference with an educational institution, both misdemeanors, court records show.

He later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft of goods under $500 after a July 2013 arrest and resisting arrest after refusing to stop during a traffic stop in December 2014, court records say.

He is currently awaiting three court dates for separate incidents, including an August 15 court date related to his five bench warrants; a June 11 court date related to resisting arrest, criminal trespass and marijuana possession charges from January and March 2019; and a June 17 court date related to drug and weapons charges stemming from January and May 2018, court documents show.

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