Handcuffs photographed Tuesday, December 26, 2017.

A Crowley man was arrested after shooting a vehicle with five occupants inside, according to Crowley Police Department; KATC-TV reported. 

On Sunday, June 27, officers from Crowley Police Department responded to West 12th Street, where there had been a shooting the previous day, according to Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard.

Investigators identified Christopher Moore Jr. as the suspect.

Moore had shot at a vehicle containing five people, including two small children, that was believed to have been used the previous day in a shooting at the same location, the Chief stated.

The vehicle was occupied by the girlfriend of the suspect that had allegedly shot at Moore the previous day.

The vehicle was struck multiple times by a forty caliber firearm, narrowly missing a toddler in the backseat, according to investigators.

Moore was arrested on a warrant Wednesday by officers of the Crowley Police Department's patrol division.

He was booked into the Acadia Parish Jail on five counts of attempted second murder.