A retired Louisiana State Fire Marshal dog named Daisy died Tuesday. She served with the agency for 8 years.

Daisy died after caregivers discovered that she had a cancerous tumor, agency spokeswoman Ashley Rodrigue said.

Before her retirement in 2017, Daisy worked in the Lafayette, Lake Charles and Alexandria areas detecting accelerant at hundreds of fire scenes, Rodrigue said. Daisy joined the agency in 2009 and worked with her handler, Lt. Keith Reed. The pair won K-9 Team of the Year award in 2017, shortly before her retirement.


K-9 Daisy

Daisy loved playing fetch with her ball and working for treats, Rodrigue said. When Daisy joined the agency, she was one of only two K-9 teams.

Even though Daisy had been away from day-to-day operations for more than a year, she was still considered an integral part of the SFM family and her loss still felt deeply,” said State Fire Marshal Chief H. “Butch” Browning in a statement. “We will always be appreciative of K-9 Daisy for her service to the state of Louisiana.”