The July 2016 fatal shooting of 40-year-old Shannon Labit by Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies following a standoff was legally justified, District Attorney Bo Duhe concluded in a report released Wednesday.

Labit was the suspect in the stabbing of two women prior to the two-hour standoff, which occurred at Labit’s trailer in the 600 block of McDonald Street in New Iberia. He did not have a gun, but he told deputies he did and repeatedly threatened them while holding a knife.


Labit was shot while charging at deputies with a cordless drill, according to the report, which is based on deputy statements, body and dash camera footage and other evidence provided by Louisiana State Police.

Labit held a knife when deputies arrived, forcing them to retreat and to call in a SWAT team, according to the report. Labit appeared intoxicated and repeatedly refused orders to put down his knife, according to the report.

Relatives said after the shooting that Labit suffered from mental illness. 

Officers attempted on three different occasions to subdue Labit with stun guns, as well as bean bag rounds, to no avail, the report says.

SWAT officers managed to strike Labit with rubber ball projectiles, and Labit then went inside his trailer, according to the report. He came back outside with an object in his right hand, which was extended down his side, and said “Hey, y’all gonna have to kill me,” according to the report.

Labit then “began making an aggressive move toward several deputies,” and one deputy shouted that Labit had a gun, the report states. One deputy fired a non-lethal round at Labit, and another assigned to “lethal cover” struck Labit with a rifle round, which was the fatal shot, according to the report. The two shots occurred “almost simultaneously,” the report states.

The District Attorney’s Office concluded that the conditions under which Labit was shot met the standard of reasonable belief that Labit posed an “imminent danger of death or great bodily harm” necessitating the use of deadly force.

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