Scott police arrested a gun-owning felon Tuesday who attacked officers called to his home at 112 Canon St. after he got into a fight with his wife, Police Chief Scott Leger said.

Officers were talking to David O’Howell’s wife during the lunch hour, Leger said, when O’Howell returned home, got out of his vehicle and said, “It’s on now.”

Officers’ efforts to calm O’Howell did not work.

O’Howell hit one of them, Leger said, then struggled as both officers brought him to the ground, using force and pepper spray to subdue him and get him into handcuffs.

While handcuffed, he head-butted one officer and resisted until bound in leg restraints, Leger said.

Inside the house, police discovered an assault rifle, shotguns and handguns, which O’Howell, as a convicted felon, is prohibited from possessing.

Leger said O’Howell, 35, was booked on two counts of battery of a police officer, and one count each of resisting an officer with force or violence and felon in possession of a firearm.

O’Howell on Wednesday remained in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. His initial court appearance is scheduled for Friday morning.