Dwayne and Allyson Prejean

A former Lafayette police officer who retired this week after surveillance video of him allegedly striking his wife with a cellphone was published on YouTube has been booked on a charge of domestic battery, the Police Department said Tuesday.

Dwayne Prejean’s wife, Allyson Prejean, was also booked on a charge of aggravated battery stemming from the altercation.

The department opened internal and criminal investigations last week, placing Dwayne Prejean on paid administrative leave. Prejean abruptly retired.

“We at the Lafayette Police Department take no pleasure in today’s arrests, but the public can be assured that domestic violence has no place in our community and will not be tolerated without our department,” Chief Toby Aguillard was said in a statement issued by the Police Department.

The YouTube video at the heart of the Police Department’s investigation shows a man and woman arguing at a bar at 10 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.

The man hits the woman in the forehead with the cellphone, and the argument continues for more than a minute longer. The woman then slaps the man, tosses a drink in his face and appears to stab at him with the glass.

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