A suspect has been taken into custody after a standoff at East Willow Street and NE Evangeline Thruway.

The suspect was driving an alleged stolen vehicle refused to leave the vehicle for more than an hour after a police pursuit, according to Capt. John Mowell, a spokesman for Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office. He was taken into custody at approximately 11:30 a.m. 

Broussard police alerted LPSO to the possible stolen vehicle driving on U.S. 90 about 10 a.m. Wednesday, Mowell said. Sheriff's deputies attempted to stop the vehicle, and when the driver refused to stop, they pursued the vehicle to the intersection of East Willow and the thruway.

The suspect for more than an hour refused to leave the vehicle. He was believed to be armed, Mowell said. At one point, SWAT officers fired a non-lethal round into the man's truck to shatter his window and make it easier to communicate with negotiators, he said. 

Law enforcement officers observed the man swallowing pills during the encounter and said they'd be bringing him to receive medical attention, Mowell said. 

The vehicle is believed to have been stolen from a neighboring parish, he said. 

This is a developing story.