In the space of one week, police were alerted to two cases involving attempts to cash fake payroll checks at local banks.

On Friday, police issued an arrest warrant for a man accused of trying to cash a fraudulent check Tuesday at Home Bank in Scott.

Marshall Harden Jr., 57, who police say is homeless, is wanted on a count of attempted bank fraud.

The teller told police Harden presented the check and his ID card, but became irritated and left as she began to verify the check and copy his information.

And on June 11, police booked Reginald Fields, 51, of Houma, and Jimmy Mayes, 58, of New Orleans, both accused of cashing a $3,800 fraudulent payroll check from a local construction company at St. Martin Bank & Trust in Scott.

When the two men tried to cash similar checks at a Lafayette branch of the same bank, the teller noticed the earlier transaction and contacted police.

Police arrested both men on one count each of monetary instrument abuse and bank fraud.