A pregnant woman in Charenton who last week told police that two armed men wearing masks had attacked and robbed her was arrested Tuesday for allegedly fabricating the incident, officials said.

Megan T. Dugas, 28, who lives on La. 87 in Charenton, will appear before a St. Mary Parish judge this fall on a criminal mischief summons for falsely reporting a home invasion Friday, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Tracy Landry said.

Dugas was not booked into the parish jail.

Dugas on Friday told deputies that she returned home about 11:25 a.m. to find two masked black men in her home who kicked and punched her. She even described to a detective the imaginary attackers’ physical stature: one was husky, the other was thin.

She also told the investigator she was able to escape her attackers and call police from a neighbor’s home.

On Friday, medical personnel at Franklin Foundation Hospital listed Dugas in stable condition.

Landry said Monday that Dugas had no accomplices in the alleged scheme. The wounds, Landry said, were “self-inflicted.”

“She did have bruising,” she said. “She did have wounds. This was not a case where she applied make-up.”

The detective assigned to Dugas’ case later discovered Dugas had recently spent the same amount of cash she claimed had been stolen in the home invasion.

Landry said she would not say where or why Dugas spent the money.

Dugas is scheduled to appear before a 16th District judge on Oct. 13.