St. Mary Parish authorities on Wednesday arrested four friends and family members of a parish inmate who are accused in a scheme to smuggle drugs, tobacco and rolling papers into the parish jail through packages and greeting card envelopes.

Rhonda Derouen, 48, is accused of conspiring with her son, Brad Derouen, 25, and his girlfriend, Harley Rentrop, 22, to smuggle drugs into the jail for Rhonda Derouen’s other son and a parish inmate, Brian Derouen, 28, according to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office. All of them are from Bayou Vista.

Jailers began the investigation in early February after finding suboxone strips, a drug used to treat opiate addiction, lining greeting card envelopes mailed to the jail and say Rentrop was responsible for sending the envelopes.

Jailers later found two packages containing marijuana, synthetic marijuana, tobacco and rolling papers in a public area of the jail and determined Rentrop and Rhonda and Brad Derouen conspired with their incarcerated family member to drop them at the facility, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

A fifth person, Jessica Bourgeois, 35, of Amelia, is accused of supplying the synthetic marijuana the group is accused of bringing into the jail.

Rhonda, Brad and Brian Derouen and Rentrop face counts of entering contraband into a penal facility. Rentrop also faces a count of distribution of Schedule III drugs. Bourgeois faces a count of distributing synthetic marijuana.