Mouton Hall can be seen Tuesday, July 7, 2020, on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Preparation for arrival of Hurricane Delta was quick and effective at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette this week. After all, the campus had a proper opportunity to practice during Hurricane Laura, which brushed the Lafayette area Aug. 27.

Eric Maron, campus spokesman, said 591 resident students remained on campus at 5 p.m. Thursday, hunkering down for the storm that may create a larger impact on Lafayette than Laura did.

“We have a seasoned team of professionals that anticipates many scenarios that a hurricane may present and prepares to meet them,” Maron said. “They’ve been working all week in preparation for this and the campus is ready for the storm and for post-storm operations. Safety is our primary concern.”

Maron said residential areas remain open and staffed and students were given three meals to take back to their dorms or apartments for Friday.

Crews prepared the campus this week by clearing roof tops of debris, storing trash receptacles, inspecting generators and prepping the vehicle fleet. The fleet includes high-water vehicles.

UL police were on duty and the health center was staffed by the “strike team,” health professionals who “shelter in place.” Maron said the health center can meet needs ranging from typical illness to emergency situations.

He said the campus is also hosting Motorola, which provides cell service, at Blackham Coliseum and is hosting LUS at The Cajun Dome, which the campus does routinely during times of emergency.

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