A reorganization of the Lafayette Parish School System’s maintenance and operations departments is underway in developing what officials say should be a more-efficient system.

Last week, the board approved three new job descriptions: custodial supervisor, construction coordinator, and supervisor of maintenance and physical plant and grounds.

The system is accepting applications for two of the positions: construction coordinator and maintenance supervisor.

The system will hire two custodial supervisors, but the school system won’t post the job for applications until after Wednesday — when the board is expected to eliminate the existing custodial night shift supervisor position that the custodial supervisor position will replace.

Two people are currently employed as custodial night shift supervisors and will be given the opportunity to apply for the two available custodial supervisor jobs, said Bruce Leininger, human resources director.

The positions were included in the 2015-16 budget and signal a return of prior positions that had been eliminated, said Kyle Bordelon, district facilities and planning director.

“Over the years, we lost these positions and other people would absorb their duties,” Bordelon said. “We’re bringing back similar descriptions for positions we had years ago, such as a maintenance supervisor and a construction supervisor.”

Bordelon said the two custodial supervisors will divide the workload of overseeing custodial services at the school system’s 42 schools and additional buildings.

“I want them out at the schools making sure things are done properly,” Bordelon said. “They may also need to lend assistance at the schools, in cases where we can’t find substitute custodians.”

Oversight of custodians and maintenance and grounds has been under Bordelon’s purview, in addition to his duties as planning and facilities director. Bordelon said the split of those duties will enable the school system to run more efficiently.

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