The Vermilion Parish school board's offices were temporarily locked down amid death threats from across the world in response to widely viewed video of a teacher screaming while being handcuffed at a school board meeting.

The lockdown happened Tuesday in the school district in south-central Louisiana.

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Vermilion Parish School Board President Anthony Fontana tells The Advertiser the threats have come from as far away as South America, Australia and England, as well as other U.S. states. He said they've been reported to the FBI and local police.

Superintendent Jerome Puyau said that school officials have received hundreds of hate emails and harassing phone calls — including death threats directed at him and his family.

Puyau told The Associated Press the threats started pouring in after videos spread of a teacher being ordered out of a school board meeting in Vermilion Parish — and her subsequent forceful handcuffing and arrest.

Puyau says emails alone total about 1,500. He said a large percentage make direct threats against him and the Vermilion Parish school system staff.

Videos show teacher Deyshia Hargrave being removed from Monday night's board meeting after complaining about a pay raise for Puyau and a lack of teacher raises. She's later seen being forcibly handcuffed and hustled out of a hallway.

The newspaper reports that Puyau's new contract gives him $148,800 annually. The average teacher salary in the district is about $47,000.