BROUSSARD — Broussard police arrested two Broussard Middle School students Wednesday for allegedly making a “pressure-cooker” bomb threat at the school on May 2, Police Chief Brannon Decou said.

The students were booked into the Lafayette Parish Juvenile Detention Center on a charge of communicating false information of a planned arson, Decou stated in a news release.

The school was evacuated May 2 after a message on a bathroom wall was discovered “suggested that a bomb was set to detonate in the school cafeteria at a specified time,” Decou said.

An expert’s analysis of the suspects’ handwriting led to the arrest, he said.

Decou said one of the juveniles wrote the initial message about the bomb and a second student added the words “pressure-cooker” to the threat.

The day after the threat at Broussard Middle, a similar written message of a “pressure-cooker” bomb was discovered on a bathroom stall at L.J. Alleman Middle School.

The Alleman incident is still under investigation, Lafayette Police Cpl. Paul Mouton said Thursday.

Earlier this week, Lafayette Parish Schools Superintendent Pat Cooper warned students — and their parents — of the criminal and financial consequences they might face for making such threats.

“We need students to understand that these are not harmless pranks — the police will continue to investigate these cases and any student found to be involved will face very serious consequences,” Cooper said.