A policy that allows Lafayette Parish School System high school students to use their cellphones on campus is back on the School Board’s table this week.

The policy was on the board’s agenda last month as an introduction item with a minor tweak that no longer gives high school students permission to use phones during their lunch break. The board will consider the revised policy at its 5:30 p.m. meeting Wednesday.

For the past few years, phones have been banned from campus and students who violate the policy have had their phones confiscated and may have received disciplinary action for repeat violations.

A policy change initially proposed last month would have allowed high school students the option to use their phones before and after school, during lunch and in the classroom as part of any teacher-recommended instructional exercise. It also would have allowed middle school students to have the phones, but not to use them, during school hours.

The updated policy revision to be considered Wednesday would remove language allowing high school students to use the phones during lunch time but would allow middle school students to use their phones at school if they have the permission of a school administrator.

Elementary school students are not allowed to bring phones to school.

The consequences for violations of the policy under the proposed revisions would be in line with the existing policy: five-day confiscation for a first offense, 30 days for second offense and the remainder of the school year for the third offense. Students also face disciplinary action for repeated violations.

To view the board’s full agenda, visit http://esb.lpssonline.com.

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