Maegan Adkins-Barras, the Acadiana High School mom who was arrested for posting a video of a student fight on social media, is questioning a Monday Facebook post by the school regarding its cell phone policy. 

"Starting Wednesday all cell phones and headphones that are seen or heard on campus will be confiscated," a post on the Acadiana High School Facebook page said. "No more warnings will be given."

Adkins-Barras said she and others can "take a good guess" about the timing of such a post.

"It just out of nowhere was posted," she said in a phone interview with The Acadiana Advocate. "I was a little surprised because I thought that if it was a big concern, wouldn't that have been posted at the beginning of the school year? I don't know. Just the timing of it being a few weeks after what happened, all of a sudden it being posted seems weird."

Adkins-Barras was arrested Feb. 20 for posting a video of a student fight at the school to her Facebook page. Her caption on the video, which she obtained from her son, expressed concern for student safety at the school.

The charge against Adkins-Barras has since been dropped.

Acadiana High has recently had issues with wireless headphones being used with cell phones during school hours, according to Principal David LeJeune.

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"This has nothing to do with the video and the fight," LeJeune said. "The only thing different we've done is put it on social media. We remind students after every break — after Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving — of this policy. We did it again after Mardi Gras."

Joe Craig, chief administrative officer for the Lafayette Parish School System, said the Facebook post could have been worded differently.

"The post implied that kids can't have cell phones, and that's actually not the board's policy," Craig said. "The board's policy is that they can't be visible, and they can't be used during the school day."

High school students can have cell phones on campus as long as they are not seen or heard from the time they arrive on campus until the final bell rings, according to the Lafayette Parish School System handbook.

"It's the same policy we've had all year," LeJeune said. "It's the same policy as the school system. We're just enforcing that policy."

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