For the first time in six years, University of Louisiana at Lafayette faculty and staff received pay raises.

Increases in student enrollment and tuition helped ensure the university could fund the average 4 percent pay boosts this month for both faculty and staff based on merit evaluations, said James Henderson, UL-Lafayette provost and academic vice president.

“We’ve seen an increase in student enrollment and our tuition went up. In turn, the state didn’t offset that tuition increase with cuts, so it gave us additional funds,” Henderson said. “Part of it, also, is that this university has worked really hard to make our auxiliary functions self-supporting, so the state funding we get, we’re able to invest in our core (academic) programs.”

The Faculty Senate helped draft changes to the university’s evaluation system, and a three-year average of past evaluations was used to determine faculty members’ pay raises, Henderson said.

The faculty raises totaled more than $1.1 million and the average raise was $2,828, Henderson said. Of the 519 faculty members eligible for raises, 512 received a pay bump.

Of 613 staff members, 454 received raises, according to information provided by the university. Staff raises totaled $1.1 million and the average pay increase was $2,482.

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