Below is a list of Lafayette area contests and issues on the ballot for the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Early voting will be held Oct. 16-27 (excluding Sunday, Oct. 18 and Sunday, Oct. 25) from 8 a.m.-7 p.m.

Party abbreviations: Dem-Democrat, GOP-Republican, Ind-Independent; Lib-Libertarian, NP-no party

Statewide races

U.S. President and Vice President

  • Joseph R. Biden/Kamala Harris, D
  • Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy Cohen, L
  • Donald J. Trump/Michael Pence*, R
  • Brian Carroll/Amar Patel, American Solidarity Party
  • Jade Simmons/Claudeliah Roze, Becoming One Nation
  • President Boddie/Eric Stoneham, C.U.P.
  • Don Blankenship/William Mohr, Constitution Party
  • Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard, Freedom and Prosperity
  • Tom Hoefling/Andy Prior, Life, Liberty, Constitution
  • Gloria La Riva/Sunil Freeman, Socialism and Liberation
  • Alyson Kennedy/Malcolm Jarrett, Socialist Workers Party
  • Kanye West/Michelle Tidball, The Birthday Party
  • Bill Hammons/Eric Bodenstab, Unity Party America

U. S. Senator

  • Beryl Billiot, NP
  • John Paul Bourgeois, NP
  • "Bill" Cassidy*, R
  • Reno Jean Daret III, NP
  • Derrick "Champ" Edwards, D
  • "Xan" John, Other
  • David Drew Knight, D
  • M.V. "Vinny" Mendoza, I
  • Jamar Montgomery, NP
  • Dustin Murphy, R
  • Adrian Perkins, D
  • Antoine Pierce, D
  • Melinda Mary Price, Other
  • Aaron C. Sigler, L
  • Peter Wenstrup, D

U.S. representative, 3rd Congressional District

  • "Rob" Anderson, D
  • Braylon Harris, D
  • Clay Higgins, R
  • Brandon LeLeux, L

Constitutional Amendments*

  • Amendment 1: No right to abortion
    • To add language that states that nothing in the constitution protects the right to abortion.
  • Amendment 2: Oil and gas well assessment
    • To consider a well's oil and gas production when valuing it for property tax assessment.
  • Amendment 3: State's rainy day fund
    • To allow the state's budget stabilization fund to be used after a federally declared disaster.
  • Amendment 4: Spending limit for state budget
    • To create a new state spending limit that projects slower growth.
  • Amendment 5: Payments instead of Property Taxes
    • To give manufacturers and local governments the option to schedule payments instead of property taxes for industrial expansions.
  • Amendment 6: Expand Property Tax Breaks
    • To expand those eligible to have their property taxes frozen to include homeowners with higher incomes.
  • Amendment 7: Unclaimed Property Protection
    • To create a trust fund for unclaimed property money.

* Summaries taken from the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana's Guide to the 2020 Constitutional Amendments.

Lafayette Parish

District Judge -- 15th Judicial District Court, ES 1, Div. B

  • Travis Broussard, D
  • Shytishia "Sam" Flugence, D
  • Valerie Gotch Garrett, D

District Judge -- 15th Judicial District Court, ES 1, Div. D

  • Royal Colbert, D
  • Amanda Martin, D
  • Dwazendra "Dwa" Smith, D

District Judge -- 15th Judicial District Court, ES 3, Div. K

  • Michele Billeaud, R
  • Kay Karre Gautreaux, R
  • Glynn Shelly Maturin II, R

District Judge -- 15th Judicial District Court, ES 3, Div. M

  • George Knox, R
  • Dona Renegar, R
  • Susan Theall, R

District Attorney -- 15th Judicial District Court

  • Daniel "Danny" Landry III, R
  • Donald "Don" Landry, R

City Judge -- City Court, Division A, City of Lafayette

  • Jules Edwards III, NP
  • Michelle Odinet, R%

City Marshal -- City Court, City of Lafayette

  • Nathan Broussard, R
  • Kip Judice, R
  • "Reggie" Thomas, NP
  • John Trahan, Jr., D

Justice(s) of the Peace -- Justice of the Peace Ward 1

  • Preston Leger, D
  • Kelly Clause Sonnier, I

Justice(s) of the Peace -- Justice of the Peace Ward 2

  • Patsy Boulanger, NP
  • Kermit Guidry, D

Justice(s) of the Peace -- Justice of the Peace Ward 9

  • Margaret Hebert, R
  • Karen Touchet, R

Constable(s) -- Justice of the Peace Ward 6

(2 to be elected)

  • Russell Comeaux, R
  • Robert "Rob" Darby, R
  • Kirk Magnon, R

Constable(s) -- Justice of the Peace Ward 9

  • Chad Comeaux, R
  • Sanford "Butch" Landry, R

Sports betting

To approve sports wagering activities and operations in the parish.

Property tax rededication

To rededicate for five years a .25 mill property tax currently collected to enhance the parish's culture, recreation, entertainment, arts, tourism and their respective economies, It would be instead be dedicated to fire protection in unincorporated parts of the parish and constructing, improving, and maintaining roads and bridges in Lafayette Parish. Voters in unincorporated areas of the parish rejected a proposed tax on themselves for fire protection in 2019.

Property tax renewal

To renew for 10 years a 5 mill property tax for improving, operating and maintaining the public school buildings in Lafayette Parish Public Schools.

New sales tax

For the city of Scott to levy for 10 years an additional 1% sales tax to be divided equally between the police and fire departments.

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