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Jonathan Williams, left, and other roll voting machines and "vote here" signs out to a truck for transport to voting precincts in Lafayette Parish on Nov. 7, 2016, at the Louisiana Secretary of State warehouse in Lafayette, La. 

Early voting for the March 24 election begins Saturday and ends March 17. A runoff election, if needed, is scheduled April 28. The propositions and elections are listed below.

D = Democrat

R = Republican

N = No party

I = Independent

Multiparish elections

Duson tax proposition

(Lafayette and Acadia parishes)

To levy an additional 1 percent sales and use tax, expected to generate $300,000 a year, beginning Oct. 1, 2018 and running in perpetuity, for infrastructure and road repairs.

Acadia Parish

Fire Protection District 3

  • Proposition 1

To renew the 10-year, $25 annual parcel fee that generates $26,000 a year for fire protection facilities and the cost of obtaining water.

  • Proposition 2

To continue to levy the 10-year, 6.30-mill property tax which brings in $269,000 a year for fire protection facilities and equipment, including the cost of obtaining water. The proposed renewal is an increase of 1.17 mills over the 5.13-mill tax voters approved on July 19, 2008.

Evangeline Parish

Turkey Creek proposition

To authorize the mayor, with Village Council approval, to appoint a marshal who would act as chief of police for the village.

St. Landry Parish

Parishwide Consolidated School District 1

  • Proposition 1

To levy a 10-year, 11.3-mill property tax estimated to generate $7 million a year to supplement other revenues for salaries for teachers and other school system employees.

  • Proposition 2

In the event voters approve Proposition 1, shall the district be allowed to issue bonds and incur a 20-year debt not to exceed $99 million for building and improving school buildings and other school-related facilities, with the purchase of equipment and furnishings. Bonds would be repaid through property taxes estimated at 12.1 mills the first year. 

Fire Protection District 3

To levy a 5-year, 10-mill property tax estimated to generate $1.7 million a year for fire protection facilities and equipment, including the cost of obtaining water.

Coulee Croche Fire Protection District 4

To levy a 10-year, 10-mill property tax expected to generate $150,000 a year for fire protection facilities, equipment and water. This tax would replace a 1-mill property tax and a 2-mill property tax voters approved on Oct. 4, 2008.

St. Martin Parish

St. Martinville mayor

Espinola Alexander-Quinn, D

William "Tiger" Leon, D

Melinda "Mel" Narcisse Mitchell, D

Thomas Nelson, D

St. Martinville City Council

  • District 1 

Michael "Mike" Fuselier, N

Dean J. Resweber, N

  • District 2

Lance Laviolette, I

Craig Prosper, R

  • District 3

Mourice Smith, D

Dennis Paul Williams, N

  • District 4

Janise Anthony, D

Juma A. Johnson, D

Nary Smith Sr., D

Hospital Service District 2

To authorize the district to incur $12.6 million in bonded debt over 20 years to build, acquire or improve hospital and health care facilities and equipment. The debt would be repaid with property taxes estimated at 8.65 mills in the first year.

Vermilion Parish

School Board, District A

David Dupuis, D

Julio "JB" Moreno, R

Abbeville Mayor

Mark Piazza, I

Clay Thompson, D

Abbeville Chief of Police

Ronald Gaspard, D

Mike Hardy, D

William "Bill" Spearman, N

Abbeville Council, District A

Donald Borel, D

Matt Suire, D

David J. Trahan, I

Roslyn White, N

Abbeville Council, District D

Terry Broussard, D

Wayne Landry, D

Kaplan Mayor

Kirk Patrick Champagne, D

Michael "Mike" Kloesel, N

Brodney Mouton, D

Kaplan Chief of Police

"Edi" Flores, N

Joshua Hardy, R

Jo Ann Hargrave Housden, D

Kaplan Alderman, District B

John Carbaugh, N

Gerard "Jerry" Touchet, D

Kaplan Alderman, District D

Toby Gaspard, D

Melissa Guidry, D