OK, we’re down to the low single digits on that shopping days until Christmas schedule, and you’re wondering what to get for your favorite hunter, fishermen and all-around outdoors person.

So, we’re going to go with the advice of an old friend and Advocate Outdoors editor Mike Cook — God rest his soul.

Maybe 40 years ago, sat in our office on Lafayette Street and wondered aloud what do you give to a friend and colleague who appears to have everything, and “everything” meant more tackle boxes and fishing lures than a small baitshop, boots and clothing to outfit most everyone in his neighborhood and bullets and shotgun shells to last for seasons to come.

What he wanted was a gift certificate to Steinberg’s, and figured he’d get what he wanted for Christmas, not what I think he wanted, which would have been another hand warmer (because he always seemed to be without the one given the year before.)

Mike was right, and while there’s no Steinberg’s around (and don’t us old guys miss it, still) and plastic cards have replaced that valuable paper certificate, the issue remains. In most, maybe all instances, your outdoors adventurer knows the just-right thing and usually knows the just-right place to get it.

Gift cards are the answer, and when someone tells enough folks about them, they can save enough of them to get a big-ticket item they’ve wanted for a long time. Just make sure about an expiration date.

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, then try these.

• Most hunters I know have fallen in love with FrogLube for removing surface rust, and keep it from coming back, from their prized rifles and shotguns. This stuff works.

• Fishermen can always use line clippers or a new pair of needle-nosed pliers (because the one you gave them last year is rusty) or pair of fish-cleaning gloves.

• Every outdoors man or woman can use small bar towels in the boat for handling fish, cleaning hands and arms after field-dressing game, and wiping knives and other equipment. A dozen usually costs less than $10.