If moving water triggers feeding sprees for speckled trout, redfish, bass and the other inshore and coastal predators, then fishermen will want to make plans to get on the water next week and second week in October.

Four tide days, periods when water moves constantly, are predicted through most of the weekdays next week, and for the Oct. 7-10 period. What’s more, these high-tide and low-tide swings will be much higher than any other “normal” rare four-tide days along the Louisiana coast.

This happens twice a year, usually near the autumnal (fall) and vernal (spring) equinoxes, and, although it doesn’t feel like summer will leave south Louisiana any time soon, Saturday is the first day of fall.

Opening day woes

While teal hunters found success in most places in the southwestern rice fields and marshes, hunters taking to the four major public waterfowl hunting areas — Pass a Loutre, Atchafalaya Delta, Pointe-aux-Chenes and Salvador-Timkin — took an average of nearly one duck per hunter during Saturday’s opener of the 16-day special season. The 2017 opening-day take was 1.5 teal per hunter.

State Waterfowl Study leader Larry Reynolds reported the pre-opener flyovers showed an estimate of 48,000 bluewing teal in the southwestern parishes, 6,000 on Catahoula Lake, but only 5,000 in the southeast parishes. No greenwing teal were sighted. With no cool fronts ahead for the next week, migration numbers are expected to remain low.

Trail closed

State Wildlife and Fisheries closed the Blue Line Handicapped ATV/UTV Trail on the Big Lake Wildlife Management Area near Gilbert to make repairs caused by erosion earlier this year. The trail will be reopened when work is completed.