JUNIOR SOUTHWEST BASSMASTERS BANQUET: 7 p.m., state Wildlife and Fisheries headquarters, Quail Drive, Baton Rouge. Call Jim Breaux (225) 262-0929.


RED STICK FLY FISHERS FLY-TYING SESSION: 7 p.m., Conference Room B, Goodwood Library, Baton Rouge. Call Sydney Dobson (225) 892-1613. Website:


LAFAYETTE KAYAK FISHING CLUB MEETING: 6 p.m., Pack and Paddle, 601 E. Pinhook, Lafayette. Call (337) 232-5854. Website:


See 2018-2019 Louisiana Hunting Pamphlet for bag limits, shooting times, other restrictions & state WMA season dates.

CONSERVATION ORDER: Through Dec. 14, statewide. Limited to take of blue, snow and Ross' geese only. No daily nor possession limits. Hunters allowed to use electronic calls and shotguns capable of holding more than three shells.

DUCKS: Coastal & West zones, Dec. 15-Jan. 20, second split.

DUCKS: East Zone, Dec. 15-Jan. 27, second split.

CANADA GEESE: Dec. 15-Jan. 31, second split, statewide but closed in portions of Cameron and Vemilion parishes.

GEESE: Dec. 15-Feb. 10, second split, specklebelly, blue, snow & Ross’ species, statewide.

SNIPE: Dec. 15-Feb. 28, statewide, second split.

DOVES: Dec. 16-Jan. 14, third split, North and South zones.

WOODCOCK: Dec. 18-Jan. 31, statewide.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Dec. 30, State Deer Area 7, with/without dogs, either-sex take allowed.

RAILS/GALLINULES: Through Jan. 2, statewide.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 6, State Deer Areas 1, 3, 4 & 8, with/without dogs, either-sex take allowed.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 6, State Deer Area 10, still-hunt only, either-sex take allowed.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 13, State Deer Area 2, with/without dogs, either-sex take allowed.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 20, State Deer Area 6, with/without dogs, either-sex take allowed.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 20, State Deer Areas 5 & 9, with/without dogs, bucks only except “doe” days Dec. 9 & Dec. 22-23.

DEER/ARCHERY: State Deer Areas 3, 7, 8 & 10, through Jan. 15. Through Jan. 31, State Deer areas 1, 2 & 4, either-sex take allowed.

DEER/ARCHERY: Through Feb. 15 (either sex), State Deer Areas 5, 6 & 9.

SQUIRREL & RABBIT: Through Feb. 28, statewide private lands & selected wildlife management areas.

QUAIL: Through Feb. 28, statewide, private lands only.


OPEN SEASONS: Recreational all groupers except goliath & Nassau groupers in state/federal waters.

CLOSED SEASONS: Recreational greater amberjack, red snapper and gray triggerfish seasons state and federal waters. Except recreational red snapper season open to state-permitted wounded/disabled veterans in state waters through Dec. 31.

SHRIMP: Fall inshore season open in all state inside waters.



Friday, Dec. 28 is the deadline for submitting activities and events for The Advocate's Outdoors 2019 Calendar scheduled to be published Sunday, Jan. 13.

Please include: Event's name/title, time, date and location including the site, address and city. Also include all fees, age limits or skill requirements, beneficiaries for fundraising events, and full name of the contact person with the area code , phone number and/or e-mail address.

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