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Volunteers from University High School in Baton Rouge in the background, from left, Lanie Everett, Jordan Boshea, Madison Bauder and Ellie Russo help the Hunters for the Hungry by taking the name of a donor and recording the amount the donation during Sunday's annual Clean Out Your Freezer campaign benefiting the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. In the foreground, left, John Murrill is helping Hunters for the Hungry director Jimmy Anthony to transfer game from his ice chest at the Bowie Outfitters collection location. Murrill donated 75 pounds of frozen fish and game.

The area’s Hunters for the Hungry celebrated the collection of more than 3,100 pounds of frozen game and fish during Sunday’s annual Clean Out Your Freezer Day in the Baton Rouge area.

H4H director Jimmy Anthony worked the Bowie Outfitters’ Perkins Road collection spot and reported taking in 1,100 pounds, while the CCA Louisiana location on Industriplex Boulevard added 501 pounds among the nearly two dozen collection locations.

The Hunters’ campaign will continue across the state to give hunters the chance to clear freezers of game and fish before the bulk of the hunting season, and will further their drive by collecting freshly taken deer throughout the hunting season.

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Egret’s effort

Old friend Ken Chaumont decided to do something to help Hurricane Harvey’s flood and storm victims with an unusual offering of Egret Baits.

For $19.95, Chaumont’s company is offering 10 bags of assorted Wedgetails, V-Tails, Bayou Chubs and Sand Eels (shipping will be added) — the Hurricane Harvey Kit — with all money, save shipping costs, going to the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Cajun Navy 2016.

Go to website: and find the “Egret Baits Fundraiser” to order and contribute to the fund drive.

Way too many trout

Tuesday’s email brought news of Wildlife and Fisheries’ Enforcement Division agents, Lt. Joseph Arnaud and Senior Agent Richard Bean, citing Galliano residents Alec Galliano, 30, and Bo Boura, 31, and Winston Hohensee, 76, from Larose, with having 189 speckled trout over the limit of 25-per-angler per day.

The stop came Sunday while the agents patrolled the Tidewater Canal and the agents allegedly found ice chests filled with 478 speckled trout fillets — state regs prohibit having filleted speckled trout in a boat on the water — and found Galliano didn’t have the required basis and saltwater licenses.

The LDWF release further stated the men were “in possession of 239 speckled trout. Since there were only two licensed fishermen on the vessel, the men were only allowed to possess up to 50 speckled trout while on the water.”

Each man face fines between $500 and $1,400 — add $50 to Galliano for allegedly failing to have the proper licenses — and up to 210 days in jail, or both, and could be subject to a civil restitution fine of up to $7,000.

The fish were donated to a local charity.