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Michael Lee Clark, of Hanahan, South Carolina, holds his No. 1 state record sheepshead in the fly rod division that weighed 9.66 pounds.

Rod & Reel Division/Saltwater

Species Angler Wt. (pounds) Rank Location

Amberjack — Chris Legrand 140.0 1st Horseshoe Lumps

Bearded Brotula — Jason Doerle 16.96 3rd Marsh Island 128

Red Grouper — Michael Melancon 13.25 1st Ewing Bank

Marbled Grouper — Orrin Koonce 10.13 7th Garden Banks

Yellowmouth Grouper — Orrin Koonce 17.0 2nd Garden Banks

Yellowmouth Grouper — John Saucier 15.25 3rd Garden Banks

Warsaw Grouper — John Tabor Jr. 383.13 1st Garden Banks

Rock Hind — John Saucier 3.38 4th Garden Banks

Speckled Hind — Ronnie Jo Collins 28.1 2nd South Timbalier

Speckled Hind — Alexander Maciasz 14.0;3rd Gulf of Mexico

Speckled Hind — Tyler Mistich 8.72 4th Mississippi Canyon

Mangrove Snapper — Kevin Falgoust Jr. 15.0 2nd Gulf of Mexico

Lane Snapper — Chip Crews 6.38 3rd Block 77A

Southern Stingray — Be-Be McElroy 136.78 7th Lake Pelto

Southern Stingray — James Pauley 108.25 7th Grand Isle

Swordfish — Brett Pritchard 294.25 2nd Colgan's Gap

Swordfish — Phil Hanberry 260.0 5th Fertility Hump

Blackfin Tuna — David Loewen 41.0 1st SP-62

Bluefin Tuna — Kaleb Richardson 833.0 5th Green Canyon

Rod & Reel Division/Freshwater

Species Angler Wt. (pounds) Rank Location

Channel Catfish — Emile Charvet IV 20.3 2nd Harvey Canal

Channel Catfish — Shane Shepherd 5.44 3rd The Pen (Lafitte)

Flathead Catfish — Jason Toombs 43.72 7th Barataria Waterway

Drum (gaspergoo) — Thai Hoang 22.13 4th False River

Fly Rod Division

Sheepshead — Michael Clark 9.66 1st MRGO

Source: State Fish Records Committee, Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association