RED STICK FLY FISHERS PROGRAM: 7 p.m., Adult Education Building, Broadmoor United Methodist, Sharp Road at Mollylea, Baton Rouge. Call Gary Elbourne (225) 505-4997. Website:


DOUBLE NICKEL BASS TOURNAMENT: 10:30 a.m., East Pearl River Launch, U.S. 90 Bridge. Weekly event for anglers 55 and older. Singles tournament (two allowed in boat but keep catch separate). Fee $15. Call Joe Picone (985) 630-4170.


LOUISIANA SHRIMP TASK FORCE MEETING: 10 a.m., Terrebonne Council Meeting Room, 8026 Main Street, Houma. Task Force Legislative Committee meeting, 9:30 a.m., same location.


JUNIOR SOUTHWEST BASSMASTERS AWARDS BANQUET: 7 p.m., Seminar Room, Bass Pro Shops, Denham Springs. Age group bass-fishing club. Call Jim Breaux (225) 262-0929/(225) 772-3026.


Note: Deer/Archery season have either-sex take allowed except where specified & except when there is a bucks-only modern firearms period. Self-clearing permits required on all wildlife management areas. WMA hunting permit required for ages 18-59. Check 2019-20 state hunting pamphlet for specific hunting regulations & zones.

DUCKS: Through Dec. 8, Coastal, East & West Waterfowl zones.

GEESE: Through Dec. 8, statewide. Includes specklebellies, blue, snow, Ross’ and Canada geese. (Take of Canada geese prohibited in portions of Cameron & Vermilion parishes.)

SNIPE: Through Dec. 8, statewide, first split.

GEESE/CONSERVATION ORDER: Dec. 9-20, statewide. Limited to take of blue, snow and Ross' geese only. No daily nor possession limits. Hunters allowed to use electronic calls and shotguns capable of holding more than three shells.

DUCKS: Dec. 14-Jan. 26, East Waterfowl Zone.

WOODCOCK: Dec. 18-Jan. 31, statewide.

DOVES: Dec. 19-Jan. 31, South Zone.

DUCKS: Dec. 21-Jan. 19, Coastal Waterfowl Zone.

DUCKS: Dec. 21-Jan. 26, West Waterfowl Zone.

CANADA GEESE: Dec. 21-Jan. 31, statewide. Closed in portions of Cameron & Vermilion parishes.

GEESE: Dec. 21-Feb. 9, statewide. Includes specklebellies, blue, snow and Ross’ geese.

SNIPE: Dec. 21-Feb. 28, statewide.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Dec. 29, State Deer Area 7, 8 with/without dogs.

RAILS/GALLINULES: Through Jan. 1, statewide.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 5, State Deer Areas 1, 3, 4, with/without dogs.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 5, State Deer Area 10, still-hunt only.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 12, State Deer Area 2, with/without dogs.

DEER/ARCHERY: Through Jan. 15, State Deer Areas 3, 7, 8 & 10.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 19, State Deer Area 5, bucks only, with/without dogs.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 19, State Deer Area 6, with/without dogs.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 19, State Deer Area 9, bucks only except either-sex days Dec. 14-15 & Dec. 21-22, with/without dogs.

DEER/ARCHERY: Through Jan. 31, State Deer Areas 1, 2 & 4.

DEER/ARCHERY: Through Feb. 15, State Deer Areas 5, 6 & 9.

RABBIT/SQUIRREL/QUAIL: Through Feb. 28, statewide, private lands only.

LICENSED HUNTING PRESERVES: Through April 30. Pen-raised birds only.


DEC. 16—RED STICK FLY FISHERS FLY-TYING SESSION: 7 p.m., Goodwood Library, Baton Rouge. Call Sydney Dobson (225) 892-1613. Website:

DEC. 17—LAFAYETTE KAYAK FISHING CLUB MEETING: 6 p.m., Pack & Paddle, 601 E. Pinhook, Lafayette. Call (337) 232-5854. Website:


OPEN RECREATIONAL SEASONS: Red snapper open daily until further notice; and, all groupers except closed for the take of goliath & Nassau groupers in state/federal waters.

CLOSED SEASONS: Recreational greater amberjack & gray triggerfish season in state and federal waters.

FALL INSHORE SHRIMP SEASON: Open in all state inside waters.