DUCKS, COOTS, MERGANSERS: West Zone, through Jan. 2, & East Zone, through Jan. 30, second splits.

GEESE: West Zone, through Jan. 2, second split, includes blue, snow & Ross', specklebellies & Canada species; take of Canada geese prohibited in portions of Cameron & Vermilion parishes.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 2, State Deer Areas 1, 3, 4, 7 & 8 with/without dogs & State Deer Area 10, still-hunt only.

DEER/PRIMITIVE WEAPONS: Jan. 3-9, State Deer Areas 3, 7, 8 & 10.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Jan. 3-23, State Deer Areas 1 & 4 still-hunt only.

CONSERVATION ORDER/GEESE: West Zone, Jan. 3-9. No daily nor possession limits. Hunters allowed to use electronic calls and shotguns capable of holding more than three shells. Take limited to take of blue, snow and Ross' geese.

RAILS/GALLINULES: Through Jan. 5, statewide.

DEER/ARCHERY: Through Jan. 15, State Deer areas 3, 7, 8 & 10; through Jan. 31, State Deer Areas 1, 2 & 4; through Feb. 15, State Deer Areas 5, 6 & 9. Either-sex take allowed except when bucks-only firearms season open.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 16, State Deer Area 2, with/without dogs.

DOVES: South Zone, through Jan. 17; North Zone, through Jan. 22.

DEER/MODERN FIREARMS: Through Jan. 23, State Deer Area 6, with/without dogs & State Deer Areas 5 & 9, with/without dogs, bucks only.

GEESE: East Zone, through Jan. 30, second split, includes blue, snow & Ross', specklebellies & Canadas.

WOODCOCK: Through Jan. 31, statewide.



JAN. 6—WILDLIFE & FISHERIES COMMISSION MEETING: 9:30 a.m., Joe Herring Room, state Wildlife and Fisheries headquarters, Quail Drive, Baton Rouge.


OPEN RECREATIONAL SEASONS: Red snapper (all days; 4-fish-per-day limit), several snapper species & all groupers except closed for goliath & Nassau groupers in state/federal waters. Season ends Dec. 31.

SHRIMP: All state inshore waters closed except waters open east of the Mississippi River & Breton/Chandeleur sounds.

CLOSED SEASONS: Recreational gray triggerfish, greater amberjack & red grouper. Recreational/commercial on lane, blackfin, queen and silk snappers & wenchmen. Commercial king mackerel (hook & line; gill-netting) in Gulf of Mexico Southern Zone. Commercial take of large coastal sharks (large coastal and hammerhead groups) closed.


  • The Hope Canal Road/boat launch (Maurepas Swamp WMA); a section of East Road over Bayou Wauksha (Thistlethwaite WMA); Deer Park oxbow launch (Concordia Parish); and, the Woodworth Shooting Range (Rapides Parish) are closed.
  • Hunter Education classes. Website: