So how many things have you thought about giving that special older man in your life when it comes to Sunday, Father’s Day?

Most outdoorsy dads, granddads and husbands are easy to please, and know it’s the thought that counts, not the money spent on the gifts.

Yeah, I know years ago I asked for a bass boat, but it was only to reach for the absurdity in trying to make it easy on the family.

Being much older, and knowing most friends are in the same boat, let’s try to make it easy on our loved ones.

And with lots of summer ahead, try to keep the old man content and comfortable on those outdoors days, and these items will be easy on the wallet.

A couple of years ago while sweating buckshot at the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, a burly fishermen handed me a stiff blue-and-black skull cap. The only writing on it was “Arc Chill” — “Wet it. Put it on and it’ll help,” he said. “We use it when we’re welding when it’s hot.”

It worked, still does under a broad-billed hat, and the guy said these caps can be had at most welding shops.

There are other items like this, like the new and very colorful Bani Bands (, a headband, which, when wet, works in the same way as the Arc Chill. FroggToggs makes a towel you wet and can use to cool off, too. Most outdoors shops have them and they, like the other two items, run less than $15.

And don’t you want to keep the old man safe from the sun’s harmful rays?

How about a light-colored, broad-brimmed hat, nothing too big, but enough to keep the sun off his ears and most of his face. We all know too many folks who are having this little spot or that little patch removed from their faces, ears and necks to ignore the harmful effects of sun exposure.

Carrying this coverage one more step, how about finding a sunscreen he’ll use, and make sure he follows the instructions. There’s an abundance of information on sunscreens on the Internet.

When you find the SPF number in the just-right formulation he’ll agree to use, make sure he follows the instructions. Most fishermen will apply it before stepping into the boat in the morning, but that’s not enough protection to last through the day. Pair the sunscreen with a small bottle of soap to rinse his hands after applying the sunscreen, because there are fishermen who believe — and with some degree of truth — that touching a lure or dipping into the livewell will ruin their day on the water.

Happy Father’s Day.