LAFAYETTE — Cecilia High School coach Terry Martin said he knew Lafayette High was physical, but its level of physicality came as a surprise to him in the Bulldogs’ 38-28 win Friday.

“They ended up being a little more physical than I thought,” Martin said. “We talked about how they run a split-back veer, but that’s not a split-back veer. They’re a power football team.”

The Mighty Lions punched it in from 2 yards out to take a 7-0 lead early in the first quarter and controlled the game early. The Lions also did a good job holding Cecilia running back Raymond Callais at bay, but couldn’t put the game out of reach.

Cecilia hung around and tied the game 21-21 late in the third quarter. The Bulldogs then got an 81-yard touchdown pass from Landon Roberts to Kenya Dartez to go up 28-21.

On the Lions’ next possession, Lafayette quarterback Dwight Youngblood had his pass picked off by Chance Goodie, who returned it 41 yards for the touchdown and essentially secured the win.

“I broke on the ball and made a good play,” Goodie said. “That’s a game-changer right there and I work hard for times like this.”

Lafayette rushed for 361 yards against Cecilia and controlled most of the game. Martin said he gave Lafayette credit for never giving up on its game plan.

“The play they kept running is not a sweep, it’s a power,” Martin said. “They kick a guy out at the point of attack and a couple times we over-ran it. They didn’t panic or go away from their game plan. They saw where they could hurt us and they kept on doing it. You have to give them credit.”

Lafayette coach Jay Domengeaux said his team played much better than a week ago and said he thought the defense did a good job on Callais, despite his 121-yard, two-touchdown effort.

“We played with good effort and did a good job against a good offense,” Domengeaux said. “We cleaned up some things and got a lot better at what we do on both sides of the ball.

“We did a good job (on Callais) and the quarterback hurt us on a couple of keeps. We adjusted and did a good job stuffing those keeps. The tough thing to accept is the sting of the scoreboard.”

Martin said Lafayette kept seven in the box and they and to adjust. Even though the Lions had Callais’ number, Martin said he’s always going to give him a chance to be special.

“It is hard, sometimes, to stick with him when he’s struggling,” Martin said, “but with a kid like that, you always give him one more shot. Eventually, they’re going to break one.”