What will the new LHSAA playoffs look like in each sport?

Football remains the same: Five nonselect classes, four select divisions, nine state champions in all. Boys and girls basketball will have seven nonselect classes, five select divisions and 12 state champions in all.

In baseball and softball, there will be seven nonselect classes/five select divisions and 12 state champions in all.

LHSAA schools will play together for championships in all other sports. Select and nonselect schools will play together in districts and in the regular season and separate for playoffs.

When do these changes go into effect?

Next fall for the 2016-17 school year.

What’s the general argument for splitting teams into separate playoffs?

Select schools (private, magnet, some charter, laboratory) are seen as having an unfair advantage because they can accept students-athletes from more than one parish or a narrow attendance zone.

What was the argument against a split?

LHSAA select and nonselect (traditional public schools) have competed together in the regular season and championships since it was formed in 1920. Select schools argue that not all schools gain an unfair advantage through admission policies.

Robin Fambrough