Lafayette Christian's Trev Faulk, shown here during the the Division IV football championship on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, returned to the Knights' coaching staff during the season opener against Westgate.

The exact details of any resolution are unknown, but suspended coach Trev Faulk has returned to the Lafayette Christian football program.

LCA would not comment on the apparent end to Faulk’s suspension by the LHSAA. Faulk was in the press box during Friday’s 7-0 season-opening win over Westgate. There's no indication if he'll be able to coach from the sideline this season. 

In a statement, LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine said, "It is unfortunate that information discussed between an LHSAA member school, this office and in this case, our respective legal counsels, has found its way to the media. This of course happening prior to the LHSAA office seeing any finalized executed legal documents.

"Once the LHSAA office receives a copy of the finalized agreement, we will consider releasing details. However know this, Lafayette Christian Academy’s athletic department is on LHSAA Administrative Probation for the 2019-2020 school year."

Jacarde Carter continues to serve as the Knights’ head coach as expected. Carter was the defensive coordinator on last year’s state title team and replaced Barry Baldwin as the head coach after the LHSAA’s ruling.

Baldwin was one of four LCA coaches suspended by the LHSAA in March, along with Faulk and basketball coaches Errol Rogers and Devin Lantier as part of the organization’s crackdown on the use of non-faculty coaches in football and basketball.

Baldwin and Rogers were reinstated before LCA filed a lawsuit against the LHSAA on July 11, alleging the LHSAA violated its constitutional rights by terminating the four coaches.

In that lawsuit, the school maintained the LHSAA could not prove Faulk and Lantier were head coaches because the LHSAA handbook does not clearly define the duties of a head coach.

The relationship between Faulk's return and the lawsuit is unclear. A hearing is scheduled for Oct. 2, according to the East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court website.

Faulk’s title within LCA's overall athletic department remains the director of football operations, which includes the hiring and training of coaches from the third grade through varsity.

Faulk is still not a faculty member. Therefore, his role on the varsity football team is as a CECP or volunteer coach.

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