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Proposals aimed at separating championships for select schools in football, basketball, baseball and softball are a notable part of proposals submitted for the January’s 2019 LHSAA convention.

The LHSAA’s executive committee began its review of the proposals submitted either by member principals or by LHSAA staff during its Wednesday meeting held at the LHSAA office. That meeting will resume at 9 a.m. Thursday with the LHSAA’s third and final classification meeting set to follow at 1 p.m.

Teurlings Catholic Principal Mike Boyer and Country Day’s Matt Neely each have notable select-school proposals.

Boyer proposes separating select schools from the current championship format and putting them in playoffs at school-based sites with the higher seed hosting in the semifinals and finals in all sports but football. The football title games would be played at the nearest college site/large stadium of the higher seed.

“I think this is a win for both sides,” Boyer said. “The tough thing now in all these championships is that there are so many games. This would lessen the number of games. This reduces time and expense involved for the LHSAA. In turn, the LHSAA would get the percentage like they do for other playoffs.”

Both LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine and President Bruce Bundy of Mandeville said those proposals would have to be reviewed by the parliamentarian, since the LHSAA’s bylaws state that the organization determines sites and administers championship events.

Another point discussed was who would vote on Boyer’s proposals. He stipulates that only select schools would vote on them. However, multiple committee members said they believe the proposals would require a two-thirds vote of he entire membership and not just LHSAA schools.

Neely submitted a proposal specifically for select schools in basketball. It would divide schools into four divisions, instead of five as a means of restore a balance in the number of schools involved in each division.

Other proposals

Boyer also submitted two other noteworthy proposals. One would expand the size of the LHSAA’s executive committee to provide more representation for select schools.

The LHSAA executive committee currently has one required select school member, though others can be elected in individual class meetings. Boyer’s proposal would give each of the five select divisions one representative on the committee. Classes would retain two members each on the committee.

The other, which would allow administration transfers from one select school to another, will be tabled for one year because it involves eligibility.

  • Hahnville Principal Brian Lumar submitted proposals that clear up the language in its recruiting bylaws to say an athlete “may be ineligible for a period not to exceed four years.” The bylaw current says the athlete is automatically ineligible for at least one calendar year.
  • Assumption Principal Niles Riche and Vandebilt Catholic Principal Jeremy Gueldner propose a change that would prevent a student/ruled ineligible through recruiting from serving a suspension longer than the coach or school involved.
  • The Brighton School Principal Kenny Henderson proposes lowering the minimum number of students required for a school to join as a new member from 75 to 50.
  • Anacoco Principal Kevin Dowdle has a proposal that would eliminate Class C that would impact all nonselect classes and select divisions. It would include six nonselect classes and three select divisions.
  • The LHSAA asks for a raise of $5 for volleyball officials, raising pay to $50 for a best three of five regular-season contest and $70 for 3 of 5 in the playoffs.
  • A proposal to alter baseball pitch counts was amended to allow a maximum of 115 pitches to require three days. The standards would be no rest for 1 to 34 pitches, one day for 35 to 59 and two days for 60 to 84 pitches.

Follow Robin Fambrough on Twitter, @FambroughAdv.

Follow Robin Fambrough on Twitter, @FambroughAdv.