Beau Chene boys soccer team blanks Teurlings _lowres

Advocate Photo by BRAD KEMP -- Beau Chene player Juan Carlos Pilicita Brito goes airborne after being fouled by Teurlings Catholic's Michael McBride on Wednesday night at Teurlings.

LAFAYETTE — It got physical at times — a little too physical, said Beau Chene coach Chad Vidrine.

The typical Beau Chene and Teurlings soccer match filled with hard, physical play was to be expected. A 6-0 Beau Chene win Wednesday night in dominating fashion probably was not.

“I thought we hung in pretty well in the first half,” Teurlings coach John Marshall said. “Toward the end, we fell apart, and they took advantage of it. We didn’t do well defensively, and they do not miss very many.

“If you don’t defend a kid like Juan Carlos Brito, he’ll make you look silly.”

Brito did just that, scoring off of a corner kick deflection in the 10th minute to give the Gators a 1-0 lead and added a second goal in the 22nd minute. He completed his hat trick in the 77th minute and also added an assist in the 71st minute, a beautiful cross to Gavin Stelly who netted his second goal of the game.

“It’s incredible what (Brito) does with the ball,” Vidrine said. “He has brought a whole new level to our team in training and in the games. He has brought the level of our midfield up. We’ve overcome so much adversity this year, and he is a big reason why.”

Vidrine said the Gators moved the ball well early but couldn’t break through until the 10th minute. Beau Chene created multiple shots and the Gators defense locked down the Rebels attack, allowing just two shots on goal for the game. Vidrine said the Gators’ defense Wednesday reflected their play all season.

“We’ve done that all year,” Vidrine said. “We do well in the run of play. We struggle at defending set pieces, but we have worked on it and worked on it, and hopefully we can start defending them here going forward.”

In the 52nd minute, David Smith sent a perfect corner right onto Stelly’s head. Stelly finished perfectly and put the Gators up 3-0. Vidrine said he was happy to finally see a set piece executed the way he would like.

“We practice it often, and I don’t feel like we are as good on it as we were last year,” Vidrine said. “We’re finally starting to get the timing right, and that one was great.”

Vidrine said Teurlings is the standard that he and the Gators’ program aspire to be. He said his kids have dedicated themselves to playing tough-nose soccer, and it’s paying off in results like the one Wednesday.

“Teurlings dominated us for six years,” Vidrine said. “That is a program that we look up to. We have a real good mix of kids, and we have a hard-working type of kids that come from hard-working families.

“I’m not an easy guy to play for. I scream a lot and these kids go through a lot to play for me and play for this program. We’re just a blue-collar program.”