LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine, left, and LHSAA president Niles Riche listen to discussion at an executive committee meeting during the organization's convention Thursday in Baton Rouge.

A ruling by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association on an appeal by Lafayette Christian Academy will come in “20 to 48 hours” based on the recommendation by the LHSAA’s executive committee, said LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine.

The appeal hearing came during Monday’s portion of the LHSAA’s two-day summer executive committee meeting. Monday featured appeal hearings from eight schools across the state, Bonine said. That includes Lafayette High, which is appealing the suspension of a soccer assistant coach that the school feels was too severe.

LCA, on the other hand, was reprimanded by the LHSAA in March for the use of non-faculty head coaches in football and boys and girls basketball. The school faces a hefty fine and the suspension of four coaches for a calendar year — athletic director Barry Baldwin, boys basketball coach Errol Rogers, football coach Trev Faulk and girls basketball coach Devin Lantier, the latter two of whom are non-faculty members.

If the original punishment is upheld, it could be particularly detrimental to a school moving up in class this upcoming school year.

LCA president Jay Miller has declined comment for the time being, waiting for the LHSAA to publicly announce its final decision. The LHSAA does not comment on infractions until rulings have been finalized.

For the past three years, Faulk has directed the LCA football program as a non-faculty coach, leading them Division IV state championships in 2017 and 2018. Faulk was a faculty member at his two previous stops as a head coach, Vermilion Catholic and Northside, but was not one at LCA. Baldwin has been listed as the football coach on the LHSAA website and is present at games, but Faulk has coached the team in a traditional sense.

Lantier began coaching the girls basketball team when Errol Rogers, the Lady Knights’ former coach, took over the boys basketball program. Lantier, previously an assistant under Rogers, led the LCA girls team to its third straight state championship, while Rogers did the same with the boys. Rogers sat on the bench during the Lady Knights’ games and helped coach the team this past season, but Lantier was considered the head coach by the school.

Football and basketball are the only sports in which the LHSAA does not allow non-faculty head coaches. In sports like baseball, softball and volleyball, a non-faculty member can be the head coach if they have certification in the Coaches Education and Certification Program. A CECP-certified coach can only be an assistant coach in football and basketball.

Once the executive committee and the LHSAA membership are informed of the results of the appeal hearings, Bonine said the media will be notified at 4 p.m. on that day.

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