UL football fans greet the team during Cajun Walk before the Nicholls State game at Cajun Field on Saturday.

UL athletic director Bryan Maggard issued an apology to Ragin’ Cajuns fans after the team's 27-24 win over Nicholls on Saturday at Cajun Field.

A message that Maggard emailed to Ragin’ Cajuns Athletic Foundation members and season-ticket holders was shared on social media Sunday.

“Please know we are aware of the unacceptable inefficiencies within our concession services (Saturday) evening that included infrastructure issues which negatively impacted the speed of transactions, resulting in long lines and congestion causing fans to miss portions of the game,” Maggard wrote.

“Additionally, some patrons experienced menu item shortages that prevented them from purchasing products of choice. For this, we sincerely apologize, as that is not the level of experience our fans deserve, nor is it the experience we wish to provide.”

"They had burgers, but no cheese burgers… they had “nachos” with frito chips and a cup of cheese… even the lady working the concession was embarrassed giving that for nachos," one fan wrote on Facebook.

"There is no excuse for running out of food items as early as they did," another wrote. "But the real problem was the infrastructure (internet) with the credit card machines. It was taking a RIDICULOUS amount of time for each transaction if they even went through at all. Lots of people with no cash as an alternative."

Attendance for Saturday’s game, which was the first full-capacity gameday experience since the pandemic began and one of only three Saturday home games for UL this season, was an announced 25,147.

It was the largest crowd for a Cajuns home game since the team's 2018 season-opening win over Grambling.

The Cajuns next home game is 7 p.m. Thursday against Ohio.

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