He’s 6-foot-5 with enough speed and he's entering his fourth year in the program.

It’s his second season under coach Billy Napier and his new wide receivers coach Tim Leger.

Add the fact red-shirt junior wide receiver Calif Gossett opened plenty of eyes with seven receptions for 142 yards and two touchdowns in the spring game and it’s easy to understand why some Ragin’ Cajuns fans are anxious to chart his progress this season.

“For myself, I have expectations,” Gossett said of what his spring game outing did for his 2019 fall outlook. “I’ve been here and it’s been consistent work behind the scenes. I’m kind of expecting at the least trying to put something out there for people to see.

“It felt good you know, but it was more something I expected out of myself.”

Fast-forward to August and now Gossett is battling teammate Jamal Bell — among others — for the No. 3 receiver spot on the depth chart behind seniors Ja’Marcus Bradley and Jarrod Jackson.

Junior quarterback Levi Lewis, for one, is excited about what Gossett could bring to UL's offense this season.

“Calif has come a long way since I first got here to now,” Lewis said. “This spring, he put a big step on what he can do for this program. Calif is going to go crazy. I don’t want to say too much.”

Napier also likes the Pensacola (Fla.) High product’s potential.

“He’s got ability,” Napier said of Gossett. “He’s doing better I’d say here as of late in particular I can see it. He knows that I’m on him. We need Calif. Our team needs Calif. He has some tools that could make us different.”

For those gifts to be realized on the field this fall, however, Napier remains to challenge Gossett on paying closer attention to the finer points of being a student-athlete.

“It’s those small everyday acts — consistency, discipline,” Napier said. “Whether that be being on time to your 8 o’clock math class or being at the 6 a.m. run on Friday morning.

“We’d like to not have to spend time on those things. We’d like to spend time coaching. But we’ve established an expectation and we’re certainly not going to compromise it for Calif and he understands that.”

Indeed, Gossett has seemingly gotten the message.

“Coaching is needed,” said Gossett, who had five receptions for 79 yards and a score in Saturday's scrimmage. “It all depends on how you take it individually. For me, constructive criticism plays a big part. If somebody’s telling you something, it’s not to get you down or getting on you. They see something that you may not see that you need to improve on.

“So just take in that criticism no matter how it comes because they’re telling you what you need to hear.”

Asked what it’ll take to impress the coaches before the season opener, he didn’t hesitate.

“Just showing that I’m dependable … consistency, coming to work every day with the right mindset. Doing all the right things to show that I’m dependable,” he said.

Gossett has also learned during his college years that attention to detail transfers to the football field as well.

“Coming out of high school, you can kind of do your own thing,” Gossett said. “The attention to detail, the steps, there’s some of that (in high school), but to as high a degree as in collegiate level.

“There’s a lot more you have to pay attention to (in college), a lot more pre-snap. It’s more mental than physical (of a transition), I believe.”

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