UL softball coach Gerry Glasco has the Ragin' Cajuns 11-0 on the season and ranked No. 13 nationally, but faces some uncertainty with the staff's No. 2 pitcher in the early going.

Summer Ellyson is a lock.

As long as she’s healthy, it’s no secret who will be in the circle any time UL softball coach Gerry Glasco can throw possibly her out there.

The question remains: Who will be the long-term No. 2 pitcher for the No. 13 Ragin’ Cajuns, who improved to 11-0 after winning the Louisiana Classics crown this weekend?

Through two weekends, all signs point toward either sophomore Carrie Boswell or freshman Kandra Lamb.

“A lot of that depends on Summer’s health and how her body feels, fatigue,” said Glasco, whose Cajuns will next play at the Baylor Invitational in Waco, Texas, starting Friday. “We’re just having to watch really, really close and we’ll continue to do that.”

If it appears the Cajuns are giving Ellyson a heavy workload early on, it’s by design.

“Our plan going into the season was to use Summer a lot for the first 27 games — the first half of the season — and then the second half getting into trying to develop that No. 2 and put an emphasis on developing that No. 2, so we can have a strong bullpen in the postseason,” Glasco said.

Whom Glasco and pitching guru Mike Roberts go with when Ellyson isn’t available might depend on the opposition.

“Absolutely, that’s a really good point,” Glasco said.

Simply put, Boswell is a better matchup against speed and Lamb against power.

“Carrie’s working down,” Glasco said. “She’s going down down with (drop-balls), and has got an effective change-up. She can go up hard, because she throws so hard. She’s going to get a lot of ground balls.

“She’s an extremely good fielder in the circle. So anytime we’re wanting to get ground balls, we’re going to go with her.”

Just like Boswell can throw up as well, Lamb can pitch down, but it’s not her strength.

“She’s got a good drop-ball, but she has the ability to throw high in the zone and get a lot of strikeouts, a lot of pop-ups,” Glasco said of Lamb. “She’s got a very good pitch in the top half of the zone.”

Lamb obviously caught the Lamson Park faithful by surprise with back-to-back no-hitters in her first two games in the opening weekend.

But she looked more human this past weekend, mostly with control and defensive issues.

“(Sunday), it was just poor communication,” Glasco said. “We had some really poor communication between the infield and her. As coaches, we have to take responsibility for that and clean that up.”

In other words, the coaching staff’s high expectations for Lamb’s potential haven’t dimmed a bit.

“There’s no doubt Kandra is extremely talented,” he said. “She’s got immense talent. We’ve just got to slowly but surely add the experience to her, but we don’t want to overwhelm her either. I want to protect her and be careful. I think she’s such a good talent that we have to be responsible how we use her.

“I want to be sure that we don’t get her in over her head. I don’t want to get her head spinning and making it bigger than it is.”

Boswell has a year of experience on Lamb, but she wasn’t a full-time pitcher last season.

“Carrie Boswell has done extremely well,” Glasco said. “Coach Roberts has a good relationship working with her, and you can see the improvement. She’s learned to drop the ball. She’s got a really effective drop-ball at the knees now. I expect her to be very good the rest of the season.”

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