UL head coach Gerry Glasco delivers a heated talk to his Ragin' Cajuns during Saturday's loss to North Texas at Lamson Park.

UL softball coach Gerry Glasco wasn’t in the mood to pull any punches or accept any consolation prizes in Monday’s weekly news conference after his No. 8-ranked Ragin’ Cajuns settled for a 3-1 record over the weekend in the 34th Annual Louisiana Classics.

“Overall on the weekend, it was not what I was looking for on opening weekend,” said Glasco, whose Cajuns return to the field at 6 p.m. Tuesday against Lamar at Lamson Park.

Sure, he wants his coaching staff and team to learn from the near-miss win over Ball State and loss to North Texas, but he isn’t buying the old "blessing in disguise" suggestion.

“I’m not OK with losing — early, late, middle — I don’t like losing, period,” Glasco said. “But the one thing we know is that losses are inevitable. We’re going to have losses. What’s really important right now is that we take the loss seriously and recognize what we can learn from that loss to make sure we benefit from it down the road.”

Glasco’s biggest beef with his team’s performance was the lack of a consistent hitting punch.

“I thought our hitting was extremely inconsistent,” he said. “We weren’t in the right competitive mode. We didn’t focus and compete like we needed to compete, so I was very disappointed in our hitting.”

The defense was also a problem with two unearned runs.

“I thought our defense was nervous and off balance all weekend,” Glasco said. “I think we can play a much better defense than we did.”

Statistically, the pitching wasn't perfect, but certainly good enough to be 4-0. Summer Ellyson and Megan Kleist combined for three earned runs, 16 hits, six walks and 38 strikeouts in 23.2 innings.

“I thought our pitching was good,” Glasco said. “We had one shutout. We would have liked to have a couple. I thought we could pitch a little bit better than we did.”

Could the incredibly high preseason expectations adversely affected UL’s hitters in the opening weekend?

“What they need to realize is they just need to be the same player they’ve always been,” Glasco said. “Just go out there and be blue-collar and compete hard.

“That could have had some effect on them — the expectations — and just not handling it well. And if that’s what it was, then that’s on me. That’s my job to have their ready to compete with the circumstances that they’re given.”

Like he said last week, Glasco will scrap his seven-game lineup plan because the team lost Saturday.

“I’m just reevaluating,” he explained. “Now, I don’t have a plan. I’m just going to look at some kids in practice today. I’m going to look at some kids at different positions. I may look at (third baseman Brittany) Holland at first base a little bit. What we see in practice, we’ll make a decision going forward.

“The preseason plan kind of went out the window with the loss and the other close game.”

For the record, Tuesday’s opponent Lamar is 1-3 after last weekend’s tournament at Texas — beating Maryland 7-6 after blowout losses to Wichita State, Texas and Colorado State.

“I think we can learn things about our ball club,” Glasco said. “I think I did learn things about our ball club. We’ll try and make some adjustments and hopefully we’ll get better because of the loss.”

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