Former UL baseball coach Tony Robichaux died this past Wednesday, but his wisdom can last forever.

Like Tony Robichaux, I've been obsessed with sports since I was 5 years old.

From those early days through adulthood, when times get tough, I typically turned to one of two solutions - God or sports.

So while many of us who followed Robichaux through the years have pondered his baseball "Robeisms," those aren't the ones that were closest to his heart.

Sure, he wanted his pitchers to "minimize the damage," but he was always more worried about the sin in their lives than the earned runs they allowed.

I've probably said it too a few times over the years, "Tony hates giving up the three-run inning more than anything." 

Review the vast majority of his Robeisms listed below and you'll see that's not true. What he really hated is when we make poor decisions in life that negatively affect the lives of the people around us and ourselves.

Below are the many of the "Robeisms" I've run across online over the past week as people all over the nation reflect on how Tony Robichaux positively affected their lives:


“Take your test and make it a testament. Take your mess and make it a message.”

“When a monkey jumps on your back, don’t let it become King Kong. Make sure it stays your little pet monkey.”

“Tough times don’t last, just tough people.”

“I’d much rather slow a mustang down then kick a donkey everyday.”

“It’s more important to be small part of something big, than be a big part of something small.”

“We teach our kids to use the game of baseball, not the game use them.”

“In high school you hang a breaker and you buckle the batters knees. Do it in college and you buckle a squirrel in the pine trees.”

“A journey toward something is actually a journey away from something. You can’t steal 2nd with your foot still on 1st.”

“You can’t sharpen a knife on a paper plate or Kleenex.”

“Nowhere in the Bible does it say how to become a good baseball player.  But it’s pretty clear what kind of man you should become.”

“Be a hiker, not a camper.”

“Ego stands for edging god out.”

“90% of problems in your personal life are self-inflicted.”

“If you have an 18-wheeler full of cattle with VW brakes, when you’re going downhill you can’t stop.”

“Nothing is ever good or bad. It’s how you respond that makes it good or bad.”

"We are all born with a good wolf and a bad wolf. You can't ever kill it, but you can starve it. Keep feeding the good wolf."

“Baseball is a team sport until hang a breaking ball with the bases loaded.”

“Baseball is a game that will humble you if you don’t give it the respect it deserves.”

“If you put a plant in the closet, it doesn’t commit suicide. The environment it’s put in kills it, stunts it’s growth.”

“We want guys that drink out the water hose, not the guy whose mommy is bringing him a Powerade in the 3rd inning.”

“You can’t sharpen a knife with Kleenex.”

“Nowhere in the Bible does it say how to be a great baseball player. But it’s pretty clear what kind of man you should become.”

“W is for winning and L is for learning.”’

“There’s a difference between a thoroughbred and a loaf a bread.”

"The Good Lord has some sandals and a donkey."

"A journey towards something is actually a journey away from something."

"Putting kids in sports doesn't assure leadership. Coach must teach it and model it."

"Wrongly accused guy died a thief's death, no banquet, he died for me. Why you scared to thank him publicly?"

"Teach them how to live right side up in a upside-down world."

"Kids will flip tires for hours a day to get the glory of being an athlete. That night, they'll be smoking weed and watching porn."

"Too many people sit down when it's time to stand up."

"The greater the level the greater the devil."

"Society changes our lenses on how we see things."

"The sport doesn’t get you in trouble."

"It's much easier to stay in the stands than to go down in the arena and fight the bull."

"Fix you first."

"You can't get over a hurdle you're not willing to get over."

"God doesn't want you to be perfect. He wants you to make progress."

"You can't learn to climb a mountain on a flat road."

"Challenge is to make happiness choices, not pleasure."

"No crutches learn to walk."

"What do you deserve and earned?"

"The real world doesn’t fix things for you."

"I'm OK with change but you go first. Don’t look to the left or right."

"Discipline says I love you. I will not cover anything up for you."

"You shouldn't cover things up for kids. They must learn from it."

"If you fix something for your kids, what's next?"

"Glorify what's important."

"Curve balls and jumps shots don't help your marriage."

"Tiger Woods' golf game didn't get him in trouble."

"You never truly kill a demon, but you can hold them down and deal with them."

"Who's going to save us from us?"

"You can't get anyone else over a hurdle you're not willing to get over yourself."

"If you have a flat, the donut isn't meant to roll on forever, because you'll have to keep changing it and eventually you're addicted to the donut."

"Ninety percent of addictions come from two things - spiritual and family."

"We should never glorify something that is temporary."

"When you find pleasure, you must keep dabbling."

"The seesaw - when the God side is up, the Devil side goes down."

"Church is a hospital for the broken, not a place for the perfect."

"When you start to change from the inside out, you start to change."

"My truck doesn't get me there automatically. It'll go somewhere bad if I let it."


"When you're discourages, the devil sets up shop."

"Be a servant leader instead of wanting to be served."

"What you do should never be who you are."

"First boots on the battlefield and last off."

"Pride yourself in wanting to do the things no one else wants to do."

"People want to attach themselves to something that's elite; no one wants to be an elite person."

"Nobody accidently rolls a join and smokes it, they are choices."

"Do you want to fly with the pilot who only flies in good weather?"

"No matter what you're drowning in, our lifeguard walked on water."

"If we treat people the way they should be treated, everything would go away."

"Learn how to be a 360-degree leader - serve the person above you, share with the person on the side of you and lift up the person below you."

"Learn to use your sport, don't let the sport use you."

"Kids are just living out what their mentors do."

"Don't just be a leader, be a servant leader. It's easy to teach it, but it's hard to model it."

"You can't take someone somewhere you've never been."

"I've never seen a lazy guy run with a hard worker."

"To be a true man, you don't ask for an easier load. You ask for broader shoulders to carry a heavier load."

"To succeed, you must unhinge your boat."

"Rank coaches by who is a good husband, good father and not wins."

"If life, if you don't earn your identity, you receive it."

"Let the way you live your life define who you are."

"Don't fall into the lie, be tougher than the drug."

"You're going to give your last name to a child one day - protect it, don't beat it up."

"Kids are like a kite - the greater the turbulence the higher it flies. Without turbulence, it won't fly."

"Tough times allow you to show who you are."

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