University of Louisiana at Lafayette Head Coach Mark Hudspeth checks a replay on the scoreboard during an NCAA football game against Idaho Saturday, November 5, 2016, at Cajun Field in Lafayette, La.

LAFAYETTE — Louisiana-Lafayette football coach Mark Hudspeth disciplined four players in response to a locker room video showing members of the team dancing and singing the lyrics of a profane rap song that disparages Donald Trump.

The song, by YG and Nipsey Hussle, is called "FDT (F--- Donald Trump)," and the video was made sometime shortly before Tuesday's election in which Trump was voted in as president.

Hudspeth said Thursday that he was disappointed with a few players' immature behavior. He said four players were disciplined. He did not detail what the discipline was, and he defended his players to a degree when asked about the video following Thursday's win at Georgia Southern.

In a release from the university Friday, Hudspeth detailed his reaction Friday: "I am disappointed by the actions that a few student-athletes demonstrated. The immature behavior of those individuals is not condoned by our program. It does not represent our entire team or the views of the university. We’ve disciplined four student-athletes and are taking steps to educate all of our student-athletes to prevent this from happening again.

"I apologize to our alumni, fans, supporters and the university, who deserve more responsible behavior by our student-athletes. I regret my response to a reporter’s question after last night’s game that may have offended some voters in the recent election."